Madkour is committed to providing integrated engineering solutions to the Power, Industrial, & Infrastructure sectors, that consistently satisfies and meet Customer expectations and Regulatory requirements. We relentlessly develop our quality committed professional team to provide effective and efficient solutions. Our long-term relationship with our stakeholders is at the core of our commitment through adopting win-win strategies that ensure mutual benefit


Madkour is Committed to:

  • Develop, Maintain, Monitor and continually improve a Quality management system aligned with ISO 9001:2015 Standards.
  • Build effective communication channels that voice all interested parties’ needs and expectations.
  • Continuously provide engineering services that meet Customer, Regulatory and International requirements.
  • Provide the full support and resources needed for the effective implementation of the Quality Management system.
  • Set, Maintain and Monitor Quality objectives as part of its QMS to ensure that the quality management system can achieve its intended result(s), enhance desirable effects and enhance customer satisfaction.

Madkour Top management is committed to review and update effectively this Policy when needed, and to communicate it to all Stakeholders.           



Madkour sets health & safety as our highest priority as we believe that zero accidents can be achieved. In order to reach this goal, we believe that undertaking of appropriate reviews and assessments of our operations and undertakings to measure progress, manage risks and ensure compliance with all applicable local regulations for Occupational Health and Safety is a must.

In order to achieve our OH & S goals and objectives, Madkour will:

  • Fulfil Legal requirement and any other requirements.
  • Deploy management systems & procedures specifically designed to prevent activities &/or conditions that pose a threat to facilities , human Health , Safety & to ensure that safety is the responsibility of everyone.
  • Strive to eliminate hazards, reduce risks & carry out our work with the target of ZERO Lost Time Incidents.
  • Ensure that our employees are fully competent to perform the tasks allocated to them by careful recruitment, ongoing development, including specialist training, & by provision of the necessary
  • Ensure that all anomalies are reported, corrected & actions are taken in order to prevent recurrence to achieve the continual improvement of Health & Safety management system.
  • Ensure the consultation & participation of workers, where they exist, workers’ representatives.

All supervisors & senior leaders must consider employee safety an integral part of his or her management duties. Each employee must accept & follow all established safety, loss control & risk management regulations & procedures. We communicate our policy, mission & Occupational Health & Safety objectives to relevant employees, subcontractors, suppliers, Customers and make it available to public. We commit ourselves personally towards this Occupational Health & Safety policy and ask to all employees to join us.